There were probably more 16mm still cameras manufactured than any other type of subminaiture camera. One of the reasons for the success of the format was that the film was readily available, everywhere. And, of course, having a smaller camera usually means that it is more affordable for more people -- which also helps sales figures.  

Just because all of these cameras used 16mm film does not mean that they all produced the same size image. For example, some of the images produced are 9x12mm, 10x10mm, 10x14mm, 12x17mm, 13x17mm, 14x14mm, 14x21mm, even 10x52mm! To complicate matters even more, not all 16mm cameras used the same film. Although all used film that was 16mm wide, some cameras used double perforated film, others used single perforated film, and others were designed for unperforated film. Some use paper-backed film, many use special cassettes.

This list is inaccurate and incomplete. Much of the information about any particular camera, especially rare cameras, is virtually impossible to find. Sometimes all that is available is very limited information or a photograph of the camera. As a result, details about the camera may be incorrect. To complicate matters, many cameras were available in different styles with different features. If you are able to provide more accurate information than is listed here, please contact us.

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