The Konan cameras were earlier versions of the superb line of Minolta subminis.  But the Konans were not the first of this type.  The Mica Automat was (see the 16mm cameras section).  

The Konans arrived on the scene in 1950, but were quickly bought out by Chiyoda (Minolta) which saw the potential in the creative design.  In fact, not all Konan cameras were made by the Konan Institute.  Most models were made by Chiyoda!  

The Konan cassette was a two-lobed, metal design with a spring-loaded trap door in the front to expose the film.  This allowed cassette changes mid-roll -- very unique. When Chiyoda took over, they redesigned the cassette for use in their later Minolta cameras.  The trap door was gone and so was the mid-roll interchangeability.

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