The SUBCLUB has different contacts depending on your situation: 
  1. If you have information that other subminiature photographers could use, feel free to pass it along to us. We are especially interested in input from photographers with expertise in particular submini areas or formats. If you have been using a submini format for a long period of time don't assume that "everyone knows about it". We encourage everyone to contact us to add or correct information. Much of the information that deals with subminiature photography is very old and hard to come by. Much of the information that is available, even in books, is inaccurate, misleading or just plain wrong.  We greatly appreciate details -- no matter how small.  All we ask is that you be prepared with appropriate, supporting evidence. So please tell us how you know that your information is accurate.  If you own the equipment in question, that helps.  If your brother-in-law told you, that's another story.
  2. If you want an image scanned for the GALLERY, contact us for the correct address and mailing information.
  3. If you want to place a commercial ad, contact us for pricing and layout details.
  4. If you need help with the ROUND TABLE email discussion group, check out the list of commands in the COFFEE SHOP.  If you need further assistance, contact Larry Feldman at  But, please remember that Larry does not "live" on-line and we can make no guarantee when someone will get back in touch with you.  The other approach are your BEST avenue!
  5. If you want to place a personal ad, just email the details to us.  In the subject section of your email, make sure to state "PERSONAL AD FOR THE SWAPMEET".
  6. If you want to lodge a complaint against an advertiser, please email the details to us.  Please be very specific about the problem and what happened -- or didn't happen.  We'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
  7. If you want to be listed as an EXPERT, pleaset email us.  Tell us what area or areas you want to help out with.
  8. If you need photographic assistance:  Many people contact the Sub Club for general advice concerning subminiature photography.  However, the Sub Club is not designed to offer personalized information or camera appraisal services.  The Sub Club is organized into areas that are easy for photographers to relate to, such as the Darkroom, the Camera Shop, and the Gallery.  You should be able to find the information you are looking for fairly quickly by exploring our pages.  In addition, the Troubled Shooter section provides advice and direction to the most common questions concerning submini cameras.  If this fails to answer your question, the Coffee Shop section offers a free panel of experts to help you with your unanswered questions. It also offers the Round Table section where submini enthusiasats from all over the world meet on-line to discuss various details.  It's free to everyone. If, after exploring these other approaches, you still want to contact the Sub Club, use this address.  But, please remember that we do not "live" on-line and we can make no guarantee that someone will get back in touch with you.  The other approaches are your BEST avenue!

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