One would expect that Kodak would have made a lot of 110 cameras since they were responsible for inventing the format in 1972. 110 cameras were Kodak's response to the popular, Japanese and German 16mm cameras of the 1960's.  Why they decided to come out with an entirely new format is anyone's guess.  Perhaps they thought they could not compete with the existing 16mm cameras on their own turf.  By coming out with a new format (110 is actually 16mm film with a different type of perforation), they could get the jump on the competition.  And they succeeded -- to a point.  The 110 managed to destroy the 16mm camera market.  But Kodak lost the war.  The 110 camera just could not complete with the compact 35mm rangefinder cameras. Today a few 110 cameras are still being made, but these are all very low-cost, featureless cameras.  If Kodak had decided to produce 16mm cameras instead of 110 cameras, they could have succeeded by standardizing the 16mm cassette and the submini camera might likely be the most popular format today.

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