One of the challenges we face as users of subminiature cameras is the need to "to it yourself".  It can sometimes be difficult to find local commercial enterprises that will work with the submini enthusiast.  It is too easy to draw the conclusion that you are on your own. First, there are many places to help. The first place to check is the SPONSORS section of the SUBCLUB.  These businesses specialize in submini areas.  

If you are lucky, you use a camera for which you can still get film and processing.  But many of us are not so fortunate.  If you are unlucky, or if you want to "do-it-yourself" you are are the right place.  The Darkroom is the place to learn about processing those tiny submini images or improving your current technique.

Looking for submini negative carriers (Minox, 16mm, HIT, 110, Kiev/Vega, half-frame, etc.) for your enlarger (Beseler, Devere, Durst, Omega, Saunders, etc.), but your enlarger company never made the format that you need -- or they are impossible to find, or they simply cost too much? Look no further than BitByBit. And if what you need is not listed, just ask them -- special orders are their special-T. They even carry submini enlarger lensboards -- and lots more!

In need of other submini darkroom gear, such as film reels? Click this image:

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