(1975) In 1975, Minolta "upgraded" the original SRT100 series to the SRT200 series.  Actually, there was very little difference between the two series of cameras.  Perhaps Minolta felt that the SRT100 series name was getting too old and that the public wanted something "new".  After all, the early 1970's saw dramatic competition in the camera market, and other camera companies were producing "new" cameras with new names -- some with very minor changes.  For example, Nikon added a hot shoe to it's Nikkormat FTN in 1975, and called it the Nikkormat FT2.  In the same vein, Minolta made some minor changes to all of the Minolta SRT100 series cameras -- and the SRT200 series was born.  

The SRT200 was a modified version of the SRT100.  There were actually six versions of the SRT200, depending on the market, with slight variations over time.  The model numbers are not inscribed on the cameras.

The SRT200 was manufactured from 1975 into the 1980's, when it was dropped.  Given the addition of the 1/1000 shutter speed, the split-image focusing screen, and a hot shoe, the SRT200 (especially the later models) is a perfect camera for many photographers.  And if you regularly use a hand-held meter (so that viewfinder information is unimportant to you) -- or even if you don't -- the SRT200 is hard to beat.  With Rokkor lenses, it provides the exact same picture quality as any of Minolta's higher priced models.  Best of all, The SRT200 is still available at amazingly low prices on the used market.  For a comparative look at the major features of the SRT200 models, check out MINMAN's SLR table -- the world's most complete!

With the advent of the auto-exposure cameras, and then the auto-focus cameras, Minolta saw a drop in demand for it's manual-everything cameras.  Fortunately, you and I know that the more control a photographer has, the better the results will be.

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