Rollei made the switch from 16mm cameras to 110 cameras shortly after Kodak introduced the 110 series.  Rollei started out by making top-quality 110 cameras, just like the quality of their 16mm cameras.  When these failed to sell well (they were very expensive), they made the switch to lower quality 110 cameras.

Fortunately, the Rollei A110 & E110 cameras can use single-perf, double-perf, or unperforated film in reloaded into 110 cassettes with these caveats:

With the later Pocketline 110 cameras -- 100, 200, and 300 -- the 110 perforations are needed to cock the shutter, but these cameras can be used with perforated film if the perforations are placed on the shutter cocking side -- and if the film is advanced as with double perforated film.

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