16mm cassettes for the MANY cameras that used a Minolta-style cassette can be confusing.  The first cassettes of this type were metal and made by three companies -- first, Mica, then Konan, and then Minolta.  These changed over time and may or may not be interchangeable, but given that they are harder to find than the cameras that used them, you are "on your own".

The PLASTIC cassettes are a little easier to discuss, even though they are not easy to find, either.

The first was made by Minolta, which basically changed their last metal 16mm cassette into a plastic version (lower cassette in the image).  They later made a slight modification.  It was identical except that on the second version a notch or indentation was cut into the cassette bridge to make it easier to break off the film take-up lobe for processing purposes.  (If you have the newer version it's a good idea to fill in the notch with a little epoxy to make it last longer.)

The Minolta plastic cassette was copied, almost exactly by KIEV for their original 16mm camera, as well as FR which only made cassettes.  Yashica made a very similar 16mm cassette as well.

The Minolta 16mm plastic cassette, the Yashica 16mm cassette (NOT their 16mm CLIP-LOAD cassette), and the original 16mm Kiev cassettes are interchangeable.

Kiev modified their original 16mm KIEV cassette when they developed the Vega 2 camera.  Although the exterior of the cassette is exactly the same, they made the take-up splindle in the camera smaller, and the interior of the take-up spool larger -- see top cassette in image.  This allows you to get at least 50% more film in the cassette -- 30 exposures, instead of 20!!!  

But this means that the new "VEGA 2" cassettes will not fit in the Minolta, Yashica, and original Kiev 16mm cameras.  The take-up hole is too small to fit on the larger spindles of the other cameras.

However the Minolta, Yashica, FR and original Kiev cassettes will work fine in the Vega 2 and later Kiev cameras -- you just won't get as many pictures

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