In addition, Minolta made several lens adapters.  

Most common is the L (Leica) adapter that allows Leica thread lenses to fit on any manual-focus Minolta camera.  Since Minolta camera bodies have a longer back focus than Leica lenses, the Leica thread lenses can only be used for close-up work.  But this adapter is more useful for bellows work.  It allows you to adapt any enlarging lens to any Minolta bellows for super-quality, super-closeup work.  

There was also a later C.E. adapter, which is basically an L adapter with a small, carefully-placed plate to cover up the illumination windows in the Minolta C.E. enlarging lenses.

Minolta also made a P (Pentax) adapter.  This allows any lens with a Pentax or Universal screw thread to work on a Minolta camera.  Since the back-focus distance is the same, these lenses can be used at any distance.  

Minolta also made an E (Exacta) adapter.  This allows any lens with an Exacta bayonet to work on a Minolta camera.  Since the back-focus distance is the same, these lenses can be used at any distance.  

Minolta made a reverse lens adapter.  This screws into the filter thread of the lens.  It has a Minolta bayonet mount on the other side, so the lens can be placed on the camera body BACKWARDS!  Why would you want to do this?  It provides extreme close-up focusing with or without a bellows.  These were available in 49mm and 55mm thread sizes.

There were also three adapters to convert microscope-threaded lenses onto the Minolta mount.  The M adapter was produced in the Leitz/Minolta era for the Photar lenses.  It has about 20mm of extension.  Later, Minolta made the flat M-1 Adapter for the Minolta Micro Bellows lenses and the M-2 Adapter which has about 40mm of extension, for the same lenses.

There was also a C-Adapter to adapt Minolta mount lenses onto movie cameras with a standard C-Mount.  

Leica also made an adapter that can be useful to Minolta users, especially those that use the CL or CLE cameras.  Called the Leitz Ring Nr. 22233, it allows you to place Minolta SLR lenses on Leica and Minolta M-mount cameras.  Unlike the Leica to Minolta adapter, this adapter maintains the infinity focus.  Similar adapters were made by other companies as well.

There are other types of adapters that Minolta users will find helpful.  Many lenses can be used on Minolta cameras that do not have Minolta mounts.  For example, Exacta lens can be used with an adapter (see above), and Minolta made an Exacta adapter. Similarly, many lenses were made with a generic T-mount, and these can be used on Minolta cameras if you have a Minolta T mount.  There are several types of T mounts, but they all will work on Minolta cameras.  


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