Here are links to User Manuals of many Chinese SLR cameras and lenses:

You may or may not find the exact manual for your camera.  That's the bad new.  The good news is that a lot of these cameras have the same features as other cameras.  There is a good chance that you can find a manual here that is very close to what you need -- even if the extra brand or model name is different from yours.  For example, the manual for the Seagull DF-1 works fine for the Seagull DF-2.

A few Minolta models are listed because they are exactly the same, or very similar to, some of the Chinese SLR models.  For example, the manual for the Minolta X-9 works fine for the Seagull X-9.

Another point to keep in mind is that with many of these models, the translation is obviously muddled, making the instructions difficult to understand -- and some instructions, unfortunately, are incorrect.  This may be a problem with translation -- or simply lack of correct information for the translation.  For example, the manual for the Kalimar KX 5000 -- which is the same camera as the Seagull DF-99 and the Phoenix P-2000 -- states that the shutter will work without the battery.  It will not. 

Carena SX-300 --

Centon DF-300 --

Kalimar KX 5000 --

Kalimar KX 7000 --

Minolta X-300 / X-300s / X-370N --

Minolta X-370 --

Minolta X-370s --

Minolta X-9 --

Pearl River S-201--

Phoenix P-2000 --

Phoenix P-5000 --

Seagull DF-1 --

Seagull DF-2 ETM --

Seagull DF-98 --

Seagull DF-98D --

Seagull DF-99 --

Seagull DF-99D --

Seagull DF-300 --

Seagull DF-5000 --

Seagull X-9 --

Vivitar V50 -- 

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