With Konan cassettes it helps if you have good fingernails and three hands.
  1. Memorize these instructions since you can't refer to them in the dark; better yet, run through the steps with the lights on with scrap film.
  2. Gather all your items together -- 16mm film, cassettes, scissors, and film template.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly, or use film gloves (obtainable at most camera shops) in order to avoid getting oil or dirt on the film.
  4. Remove the cassette cap.
  5. Completely check the cassette for any loose dirt or film scraps.
  6. Turn off the lights.
  7. Cut a 19" length of film, using a template, ruler or whatever you can device. A yardstick with a notch or piece of tape at 19" will work fine.
  8. Wind the film tighly into a roll and pull out a 2" leader. Make sure that the emulsion in wound in toward the center of the roll.
  9. Drop the roll of film into the film-feeder end of the cassette.
  10. With a fingernail, push back the film pressure-plate and slide the film under the pressure-plate.
  11. Slide the film leader under the spring clip on the take-up spool.  Make sure it is well-seated and straight.
  12. Slide the take-up spool into the cassette. Make sure the film behind the pressure-plate is correctly seated.
  13. Place the cap back on the cassette.

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