Accessories for Toko 4x5 cameras

Most large format camera manufacturers made few accessories for their cameras, and only a couple of them actually made lenses -- and the lenses that they sold were just rebadged optics from other lens companies.  And none of the makers and pseudo-makers of large format optics (Fujinon by Fuji, Nikkor by Nikon, Schneider, Rodenstock, Topcor by Rodenstock, Zeiss, Caltar by Rodenstock, Komura, Voigtlander, Congo, Wistar by Rodenstock, Bausch & Lomb, etc.), made large format cameras. Ok,  there were a few, like Kodak and Graflex, but that was a long, LONG time ago.

Toko made a few accessories for their 4x5 cameras, such as a 4x5 to 5x7 adapter, but these are nearly impossible to find.  They also made a 4x5" to 6x9cm adapter that accepts certain 120/220 backs, and has a flip-up/down focusing screen.  

It is not an "add-on" the the standard back -- it replaces the standard back entirely:

Toko also offered a folding, collapsible, light shield for the 4x5 ground glass, to be used instead of the typical dark cloth:

Like the 6x9 back, it did not simply attach to the standard back, as you might expect --

it completely replaces it entirely:

Most importantly, some of the accessories from other large format manufacturers will fit on the Toko's.  But it is hard to know which will work -- without or with modification(s).  For example, Tachihara made a 4x5 extension bellows for use on the rear of its 4x5 cameras, but Tachihara backs do NOT fit on the Toko 4x5 cameras -- without MAJOR adjustment/modification.  But the utility of many other non-Toko accessories are easy to determine because Toko used a universal 4x5 back.  So the Polaroid film pack holders and various 120/220 film holders (below is the Calumet C2N for 6x7cm images) will work fine.  

Wista made a wide variety of accessories for their numerous 4x5 cameras, such as the extension tube sets that replace the standard lens board.  They can be used individually or in combination, just like the common 35mm extension tube sets, to provide extra extension for longer lenses or macro photography.  Wista also sold different lens/shutter holders/adapters that were added to the front of the tube(s).

Here is an example -- the tubes in use with a Fujinon T 400mm telephoto.

These and other accessories from other manufacturers might be difficult or impossible to find, but some will work perfectly well on the Toko's -- and other 4x5 field cameras, for that matter.

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