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"Without a doubt, Olympus is the hands-down winner of the half-frame prize. It produced more half-frames, in more styles, with more features, than anyone else. Why someone hasn't written a book about these incredible cameras is beyond understanding."  

That's what the SUBCLUB was saying last month, but now we have to eat our words, since John Foster has done just that. Actually, he's done quite a bit more.  Anyone could write a book about these marvelous cameras.  Just take a few pictures, write a bit about the models and throw in a little history.  But Mr. Foster has done much more.  He has created the ultimate reference guide.  He has hundreds of superb, detailed pictures and he lists every detail you could imagine on each model -- specifications, production numbers, variants, etc.  He has chapters on Pen accessories and even results from in-depth discussions with the designer of the Olympus Pen, himself -- Mr. Maitani.  He even covers rarity and value of each model.  If you are a Pen fan, you need this book.  Just click on the book cover for more details.

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