Superheadz made a bunch of half-frame cameras.  They are actually all the same camera, but they have different names and different exteriors -- reminiscent in some ways of the Ricoh Auto-Half E half-frame, but less sophisticated.  They all have a simple viewfinder on the top of the 22mm, wide-angle, fixed-focus lens with two aperture settings -- f8.5 & f11 -- and a single shutter speed of 1/100s.  That combination assures that everything will be in focus.  It's bright spots are the built-in hot shoe, a nice, smooth, soft image, and only 3.5"w, 1"d, 3"h in size -- quite small, and very lightweight.  It was obviously designed for ISO 100 film, but other speeds can, of course, be used -- and with any simple, hot shoe, auto-exposure flash, this can be easily turned into a very versatile camera!  There are three settings -- dialed in on the top of the lens.  For sunny situations, select the SUN icon -- f11.  For lower light situations, select the CLOUD icon -- f8.5. For indoor situations, select the FLASH icon -- f8.5 with flash.  The usable distance will depend on the power of the flash, of course.  

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