Section drawing of the prototype Minox (Tallin, Estonia, August 16, 1935) by Walter Zapp (inventor of the Minox camera)

To the untrained eye, there is just one Riga Minox model.  But there are really many.

After the War, Zapp and "company" got out of Latvia (an interesting story in itself) and moved to West Germany.  In some ways it's surprising that the Soviets did not copy the Minox Riga and start production on their own (although they probably made several cameras post-war from left over parts).  They did this with many other cameras, including some 35mm Minox models. The Minox Riga cases are also collectible; the zippered one in blue, brown, or black and marked 'Riga' is the most common. The original Minox lens is not as sharp near the edges of the frame as later lenses; that and the price leave this camera less useful as a shooter than later models.  For more information on Minox History, check out the LIBRARY section of the SUBCLUB.

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