Ricoh 16

The Ricoh 16 was the last of the 16mm cameras made by Ricoh.  It appeared in 1958 and is considered by many to be the best 16mm camera from Ricoh.  The camera itself was not very different in style or features from Ricoh's other cameras -- it had an interchangeable, fixed-focus 25mm lens and shutter speeds of B, 1/50-1/200.  And the camera had the same body style as the earlier "golden" cameras that Ricoh made, so the chrome, Ricoh 16 is less attractive in appearance.  But the Ricoh 16 came with a slightly faster lens (f2.8 -16) than the previous model.  It was not available in gold, but it came in chrome and an hard-to-find black version.  The interchangeable lenses from the earlier models will fit on this camera for increased versatility.  For even more versatility, the camera has a PC contact, cable release connection, tripod socket, and more.

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