The Pen was an incredibly small camera for the time and started the half-frame craze that lasted well into the 1980's.  Despite it's size, it did not cut corners on features.  It had a manually-focusing, 28mm lens with apertures from f3.5 to 22. Close-focusing to two feet.  Filter thread of 22.5mm. Shutter speeds of B and 1/25-1/200.  It also had a PC connection, cold flash shoe, tripod socket, and cable relaese connection.  While it lacked a meter, that was true of most cameras of the time. The lens barely protruded from the camera body so it was easy to pop into any pocket or purse.  And to top it off, you got twice as many pictures on a roll of film -- up to 72 pictures!!   Three versions of this model exist.

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