(1964) It has the same body as the Yashica 72-E, but the Mimy is a more "automatic" version of the 72-E, with the same 28mm (f2.8) lens -- but now it is a FIXED-focus lens.  In addition, the selenium cell -- which surrounds the lens, as in the Olympus Pen E series -- sets both the correct shutter speed and aperture.  The meter readout on the top of the camera now indicates the correct exposure -- instead of EV number.  The film counter was moved to the top of the camera.  Otherwise, the camera has a cold shoe and a PC contact.  Apertures can be set manually for flash use, or low light situations.  It was designed to produce good-quality pictures in a small, inexpensive package, and it accomplishes this feat quite admirably.  As with many Yashica half-frames, the film is inserted upside down, so that the film can be advanced with a quick flick of the left thumb.

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