Mamiya 16 Super Model III

1959 brought with it the last Mamiya 16 Super model.  It was not the last Mamiya 16mm camera, but it brought the curtain down on a wonderful camera series.  The Mamiya 16 Super Model III is virtualy indistinguishable from the Mamiya 16 Super (II).  About the only way to tell is that the Model III is marked "Model III" on the top.  Otherwise the features are the same as for the model II.  It has a 25mm (f3.5-11) focusing lens.  A scale on the top of the camera allows focusing from infinity to one foot.  The pop-out viewfinder has parallax correction.  Shutter speeds of B, 1/2-1/200.  A built-in, slide-in filter-holder -- with a little lever on the front of the camera -- slides the filter in and out, while a tiny trap-door on the bottom allows the filter to be changed.  Mamiya made several round filters that can be used on this camera: yellow, green, red, skylight, 85B, and neutral density.  This model has flash synch -- but it's not a standard PC connector.  The flash contact screws into the bottom of the camera -- inside the tripod socket!  So it will only work with special flash gear, but this connection can also be used as a regular tripod socket.  The camera was often sold in a kit with three rolls of film, camera case, flash attachment and flash bulbs.   The Model III was only made for one year, so it is one of the harder models to find.   Here's a depth-of-field chart.

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