Hendren Octopus "The Weekender"

Who says you can't have everything?  In 1983, a certain Mr. Hendren had the Jones Plastics Company of Kentucky manufacture his All-in-One "device".  It was sold by mail-order only through an Outdoors magazine of the time. This All-in-One device, appropriately named the "Octopus", turned out to be a dud due to poor advertising, high price tag, or whatever.  Meanwhile, its manufacturer soon went out of business, and Mr. Hendren died two years later. One could say that the dud was dead. This device includes the following components:

Maybe it didn't sell well because people thought it could only be used on the weekend.  Who knows?  Who cares?  This is probably the largest and heaviest -- but certainly not the most expensive -- 110 camera ever made.

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