Seagull managed to produce two SLR cameras with TTL metering before they started manufacturing Minolta's SLR cameras.  But there was no comparison.  Minolta's shutters were electronically controlled, while Seagull's early shutters, before Minolta arrived, were strictly mechanical.  And Minolta's TTL meter was, likewise, equally advanced when compared to the early Seagull approach.  So Seagull basically gave up making their early models and concentrated on making Minolta cameras.  And when Minolta dropped their manual focus SLR cameras, Seagull saw a golden opportunity -- continue to make the Minolta SLR cameras, but with the Seagull name on them.

The last Minolta 35mm SLR camera that was manufactured (in China, by Seagull) was the X-370 -- a "leaner" version of the X-570, which was itself a "leaner" version of the X-700.  The X-370 was sold as the X-300 in countries other than the USA.  The last of the X-370, X-570 and X-700, etc. cameras were manufactured by Seagull and marked on the bottom "Made in China".  

But Minolta made -- I mean Minolta had Seagull make -- several modified versions of the Minolta X-300/X-370.  Some dropped features to attract budget minded consumers, such as the X-370n -- which was sold outside the USA as the X-370s.  However, the two models were not exactly the same.  For example, the leatherette covering of the two models is different, as is the shape and size of the handgrip, and the location of the model inscription, etc.

Other Minolta variants of the X-370/X300 added or changed features to attract a more advance crowd -- or had a different appearance, such as the leatherette.  Here are three (X-9, X-7A, and X-300s) that all lost the Minolta sensa-switch -- which is also missing on many of the later Seagull variants:

Minolta produced several variants of the X-370/X-300, and Seagull just continued down the same path after Minolta left manual focus SLR cameras to their history book.  Perhaps these various Minolta X-300/X-370 variations were the genesis for Seagulls later variants, for Seagull produced dozens of 35mm SLR cameras with the Minolta mount -- with dozens of changes.  On some models they dropped features, to lower the cost, but on others they added features -- some of which Minolta cameras never had.  For example, some Seagull models have a small lever to allow multiple exposures, while others have mechanical, all-metal, vertical shutters instead of Minolta's electronic, cloth, horizontal shutter. Some of these mechanical shutters had top speeds of 1/2,000. On the left is a Minolta-type, electronic, cloth, horizontal shutter, and on the right is a Seagull, mechanical, metal, vertical shutter.

For more details see the description for each camera, below.

The Seagull SLR film cameras that appeared AFTER Seagull started making Minolta cameras -- like the X-300/370 -- are listed here in three groups, to keep it manageable.  The lower numbered group -- cameras with a designation below "300" -- does not mean that they were all made before those designated "300". Likewise, the higher numbered group -- cameras with a designation above "300" -- does not mean that they were all made after those designated "300".  The groups and the cameras within them are not in an sort of chronological order.   

Finally, a few of the models listed here are based on photos and specifications from the Seagull or other websites, but there is no evidence that these models ever were manufactured, marketed, and sold.  In fact, there is more evidence that they never existed than that they were actually produced.  They might have simply been planned models, but still they are listed here just the same.

SEAGULL cameras numbered BELOW "300"

SEAGULL cameras numbered "300"

SEAGULL cameras numbered ABOVE "300"

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