Photos by Joe McGloin

Minolta 16 MGS

"With a homemade IR filter made from scrap gelatin red and green filters glued to the back of a MGS UV filter, I'm ready to go. The hardest part is slitting 35mm IR film down to 16mm. It's very thick and tough. For metering purposes, I hold the filters over an incident meter with a flat-diffuser. The meter is set at ISO 50, but so little light passes through the green/red filter sandwich that long exposures are not uncommon. But that's one reason why I prefer Kodak IR film over others, such as Konica. The Kodak is more sensitive to the far IR and so it's capable of a greater IR effect than the others. It's also grainier than the others which increases the IR 'look', in my opinion."

Shot with Kodak 35mm IR film slit to 16mm. Developed in D-76 (1+1) at 68 degrees for 8 minutes. Enlarged with a Beseler 45MXII enlarger with a Minolta Rokkor-X CE 30mm f2.8 lens at f4 at 20 seconds.  Paper is Ilford Multigrade IV with a #5 MG fileter developed in Dektol (1+3) at 68 degrees for 2 minutes.  

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